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Fish where the fish are...

Fish where the fish are… As a freelance SEO thats worked with business’s around the world I have learnt, that getting leads is a lot like fishing. You need the right bait and you need to know where the fish are.

I work with people not companies as this produces the best results and I understand not just your product but the ethos and the company behind the product or service.

This is important, so that together we can research the best recipe to catch the best leads. The research is based on the language your potential customers are using, but we also look at your competitors, because sometimes the fastest and most cost effective way to navigate uncharted waters is learn from those that have done it before.

A combination of understanding your customers and taking a sneak peak at your competitors strategy makes for a unique recipe to not only find the fish, but pick and choose the ones you want to keep, and those you’d rather throw back.

If you are anything like me, you are there for the catching – not the fishing. Get in touch to find out how competitor analysis can offer insights into mistakes they made so you don’t have too.

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Noel offers constant help and support building your website and digital marketing to ensure it is relevant for our audience and changes to their needs creating a living breathing campaign that connects to your audience and breathes new life into your business.

Jen Scafidas, CEO @ Kids College in Kallaroo

Noel’s focus on the magic that makes the internet work for me allows me to focus my efforts on the core of my business.

Peter Masters, CEO @ Masters Renovations in Duncraig

Noel’s business model is so different from the other guys who try sell you a website set up like it’s a poster never to be changed.

Nicole Clements, CEO @ Everything Must Go in Watermans Bay